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Eagle Vortex Healing Sanctuary is not a Sedona retreat center or open to the public. It is a private and offers short term vacation rentals. You must have a reservation and approval before coming here. Anyone who shows up unannounced will not be permitted to enter, will not be able to enter through the gate and there will be nobody to greet you. This will be considered trespassing, you will be seen on cameras and you will be reported.

I will do everything in my power to keep this place very special, private and peaceful. We will take reservations two weeks out of every month. It will be determined by when I am traveling and after the first party of the month completes a booking. You may still request to come on blocked days and I may be able to adjust the schedule - Rev. Dr. Nick Eagle


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1. Eagle Vortex Healing Sanctuary will only have the most sacred, primordial and powerful energy. To maintain it, there must be strict rules and requests. This creation of mine will be like no other place. It is only for those who choose to be quite brave and seek to gain more peace and power, to help me on my quest to eliminate suffering. Darkness is not welcome.

2. I have been offering healing and guidance bookings for many years now and this place was inspired by awakenings and visions that told me I must find the most sacred healing grounds to do my work, have my own sacred temple and have places for my students and guests to stay on my land.


3. I hope to only open this place to people I know and my following to book a "short term vacation rentals" so I do not have to Airbnb it. But I might Airbnb the dome from time-to-time. These guests will have to agree to same rules & requests everyone else will have to.


4. I will not have "public retreats" here and it is not a Sedona retreat center, but I will have a few special private gatherings a year. Some students of mine may get an invite. I will offer my healing sanctuary to some small groups to do approved work. I will also do a yearly CE5 meditation gathering. I will be doing retreats and pilgrimages around the world and if you want to get on my retreat list, message me on Instagram or Facebook your experience and intention of doing so. My shaman brother will be leading these and we will be working with plants.



To submit a request to stay at Eagle Vortex you must first agree to all of these rules and requests:


1. You agree to come well rested and in high spirits with much gratitude and appreciation for being welcomed. This is a place to celebrate life, not feel bad and conjure darkness.

2. You must agree to go a month without harmful and low vibrational substances such as; alcohol, antipsychotic or stimulant prescription drugs, sedatives, pain medicine, etc... And you are asked to not abuse caffeine, nicotine or marijuana as well. Marijuana is not permitted to be used here, unless approved by Rev. Nick.

3. You agree to respect the private areas and silent zones. You are welcome to take a vow of silence here and if you speak to someone and they bow to you, understand that they have taken a vow of silence and it will be highly respected. You also agree to keep your voice down at all times, move like the spirits and have great awareness.


4. Children under the age of 18 and pets, including "emotional support animals," are not permitted here. The energy is not welcome and it is unfair to the many guests who come here to seek peace. This is not a business or a "hotel." These are short term private vacation rentals.

5. 4x4 is recommended, but as long as the vehicle doesn't sit too low, it should be fine. If it rains a lot you might have a departure delay and your room will probably be available, but I cannot promise it will be. I will have other options if it is not. The monsoon season is July - August and there can be some extraordinary wind and rain. If you do get caught in one, your extended stay may be discounted. These are also the hot months. If you are healthy, hydrated and keep your head wet and shaded, these extreme heats can be very beneficial to the body and mind. And the Enlightenment Lagoon lazy river is amazing for summer nighttime stargazing on rafts.

6. Once you hit the dirt road, please turn off music and end conversations. Please observe where the silent zones (no talking/cell phones) are. All parking spots and walkways to the homes are silent zones. Speakers are not allowed anywhere. Acoustic music is welcome in designated areas.

7. You are encouraged to ground, go barefoot through certain areas and connect through the magical healing dirt. Please leave the shoes you traveled with in your vehicle and have a fresh and clean pair for the premises.

8. The Enlightenment Lagoon will be open 24/7, but by now, you shouldn't need to be told this is not a place to splash each other and scream. Please contact me, if you wish to pay a fee to heat it.

9. The gym and temple are private areas but may be accessed if you book time with me. Click here for more details:
I also offer ceremonies, airport pickup, guided hiking and more...

10. Please do not use, bring or wear ANYTHING that has harmful chemicals, including fragrance, perfume or "parfum" that is in any of your bathroom items. Biodegradable soap and shampoo will be mandatory and provided. I have in-ground septic systems that I installed that go back to the land, our water, medicine and food that is grown there.

14. You are encouraged to wear white or light colored clothing with natural fibers. I do ask that solid blacks are not worn here.

15. You are encouraged to start, prior to arrival, and maintain a diet of highly vibrational foods, but it is not required and you may bring food of your choosing. Please label it with your name if you're staying in the UFhOme. Foods placed in common areas are never to be eaten without permission. I highly recommend staying away from all processed, gmo and non organic food at all times, as well as, added sugar, preservatives, fried food and well-done food... If you wish to go very deep, avoid all meat, eggs, onions, garlic, spices, fermented and overripe foods. Soak raw nuts, legumes and grains. CLICK HERE FOR MY FAVORITE RECIPES

16. The Golden Laws Of Enlightenment will be posted and guide us through our journey here. All spirits, ascended masters, guides, angels, shamans and extraterrestrials, who serve the light, will always be welcome. I ask that you do not bring fear of any kind towards extraterrestrials or multidimensional beings. Curiosity and excitement are, of course, welcome. You must understand that the more advanced we become, the more loving we become. Eagle Vortex will be one of the main contact centers in the world. It is one of the main reasons why I am here and I've already had my greatest encounter here. I hope to share more with you.

Rev. Dr. Nick Eagle

Eagle Vortex is close to Bear Mountain Trailhead. After your booking is accepted and we receive your deposit, we will send you the address and directions.

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