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Eagle Vortex has been designed and created by me, Rev. Dr. Nick Eagle. There was no choice but to come here and build this. I was "told" to come to the exact location where I am, before knowing it was even an option or land was available. I listen. I flow. I synchronize. I build and create. The high-vibrational energy here is only felt in a few places on this planet. I've added tapestries and art created by Shipibo tribes to bring an element of the jungle, as well as ancient alien artifacts, and of course many powerful and beautiful stones and crystals from all over the world. I adventured to Montana to cut down the teepee poles and we are adventuring to Mt. Shasta soon to get the lava rocks for the sweat lodge. I spent a month of my life on building the temple and another building the labyrinth and another building the teepee area and another building the sweat lodge. I designed and put my energy into every square inch and placed every rock.

Golden Ratio Dome

The Golden Ratio Dome offers a bedroom with a king bed or two twin XL beds and a loft with a king bed or two twin XL beds. You may put the mattress on the deck and sleep under the stars.

dome view 3-min
dome 2-min
dome livingroom 2-min
dome fireplace-min
dome livingroom-min
dome kitchen-min
dome kitchen 2-min
dome view-min
dome bedroom-min
dome loft-min
dome stairs-min
dome loft 2-min
dome bathroom 1-min
dome deck-min
dome view 2-min


The UFhOme offers two bedrooms with each having a single king bed or two twin XL beds. You will have your own private bathroom but the kitchen will be shared space.

UFhOme Architect Picture

Enlightenment Lagoon

Kundalini Doji - PRIVATE


Cloud House - Nest Home - Lookout - PRIVATE

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