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Benefits of Spiritual Practice and Why it is important to have a Spiritual practice

I see too many of my brothers and sisters refusing to go within. Refusing to seek truth and face us. Refusing to step into their power. They plug into a world of distraction and sedation and run and hide because they have only been taught fear. They lack passion, purpose and fulfillment, and they don't know where to begin.

The biggest benefits of spirituality are going within to learn what we are, that will aid in leaving fear and suffering behind, as it is all self-inflicted. How dare anyone ever teach you that sitting in silence with your thoughts is anything but empowering and beneficial in endless ways. The goal should be peace and power; this is how it is obtained. If you knew the benefits of spiritual health, you would leave that world of nonsense and distraction behind immediately.

You will never be physically or mentally healthy if you do not implement spiritual health practices. Many people of this world and of this time are waking up to the benefits of eating healthy and exercising, but few are taught the benefits of spiritual health. Most of these chasers and grinders may appear healthy to the untrained eye, but many are filled with low vibrational, disconnected and chaotic energy. Although they do better than the average destructive human, they never enter into advanced states of healing and where answers are obtained. When we begin to understand how spirituality affects our health, we will begin to understand why spirituality is important.

Unlocking the Benefits of Spiritual Practice

We must wake up with gratitude and appreciation. I recommend doing custom affirmations every morning to remind yourself of your high vibrational intentions for the day and to start your day in an elevated state. I post really good ones daily in my Instagram and Facebook stories. Watch them for ideas.

We must put only the purest water, best foods and minerals inside of us, to operate at the highest levels and bring the most love and light to the world.


There are spiritual health benefits of exercising but exercising inside, cooking under artificial lights, while being distracted by music, as your airpods fry your brain even more, is not spiritual. You need bare feet on the ground, fresh air and sun. After working out you should feel charged and connected, not tired and depleted.

Spiritual benefits of exercise only come to those who do the proper movements. We should focus on stretching, mobility and alignment, opposed to packing on bulky muscle that takes more processing of food and steals our power and energy. Many of my clients tell me they go to the gym many times a week but never yoga. Not one of my many clients, I convinced to go to yoga, has stopped. I recommend stretching for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday, as well as meditation, and guess what? You can do these at the same time.

Few people understand how health and spirituality practices go hand-in-hand and these facts about spiritual health will take you places. So many people are conditioned by mindsets that will allow them to make a lot of money, but few understand how to truly manifest and put out the highest vibrations, to allow the world they desire to come to them. It does take much work and effort to become enlightened, but too many focus too much and put too much energy into the wrong places. Once we start slowing down and spending this much needed time in meditation, we will learn our power, tap into our creative potential and be able to calculate, not only what we seek, but how to get it in the most productive way, while living with much joy and passion. These are the most important facts about spiritual health. Satnam.


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