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How To Know Which Energy Healing Tools Are Right For You


One of the most fascinating discoveries of my life was when I learned that our pineal gland has crystals on it. They can positively influence and amplify the energy around us.

Quartz crystal is a master healer. I've spent much time with the world's largest crystal ball and the lowest vibrational and most unaware person would notice the power of it and have increased connection being around it. Some suggest that crystals are sentient beings. I have a large one I work with during my social media video teachings and I have a chunk I'm putting in the middle of my triangle roof greenhouse.

Only one crystal, besides my necklace of many(shown above), has strongly help induce my next-level kundalini activations. It supposedly is a piece to a extraterrestrial spacecraft that was "alive" (I will write a blog post on this fun stuff soon. Make sure you scroll to the bottom and sign up for my email list). If it didn't take me to an advanced state and increase my vibration, I'm not sure how convinced I would've been. I got a nice chunk and I sleep next to it.

I visit the Tucson Gem Show every year and it is by far my favorite place to shop and get wholesale prices of the most amazing crystals and healing modalities in the world. I also very much enjoy crystal digs and offer opportunities for clients to join me. Payson, Arizona has "Diamond Point" and I have some dig spots to guarantee leaving with some beautiful clear crystal Herkimer Diamonds.


I'm a huge fan of sage and it works well for clearing your energy and in your vehicle and home, but I do gravitate more towards palo santo now. Inhaling the smoke may actually do more harm than good when you burn them. Be smart about where you do it and how much. Always sage your home top to bottom very quickly, open the windows and go outside until most of the smoke leaves.

I highly recommend doing diffusers over incense. That incense smoke can destroy you in a short period of time. Frankincense and blue lotus are my favorite smells and are oils that connect us to our ancient past and a place of knowledge and answers. Lavender and eucalyptus have therapeutic effects on both the body and the energy field. Lavender sprays and lotions are also great before bed.


My favorite way to connect and heal is with music. The best types of spiritual healers are shaman singing and playing the right song with the right instrument. This is how I have induced the most powerful awakenings. I can also enter meditative trances when I play my djembe and dance.

Another thing I love and would never say no to is a sound bath. Singing bowls will take you places and they come in many materials including, crystal and different metals. But my gong is my favorite and most powerful instrument and energy healing technique. If you come visit me at my healing sanctuary "Eagle Vortex," I will play it for you.


There are many types of energy healing tools and energy healing techniques. Finding the right combination that resonates best with you should be a priority. I recommend trying as many types of energy healing practices as possible to determine which is best for you. Meditation is wonderful but combining it with crystals, scents and sounds will take you to another level. I love discovering new ways to feel good, relax and go to advanced meditative states to find answers and heal.



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