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Our planet's greatest teachers and enlightening tools are anything but scary. Only our very lost brothers and sisters would tell you this. Only people who choose fear and have not had proper guidance would persuade you away from them. I've now been working with these plants for 25 years and I can tell you from personal experience, the healing I have done and kundalini awakenings, that were helped induced by them, they are something that we should have much more respect, appreciation and excitement for.

You now have a master of this world in your corner who you can trust and who will not guide you down the wrong path. I am now offering warrior ceremonies and shamanic quests on my land, 20 minutes to Nick Eagle Peak and a full-day hike to Bear Mountain Peak from my healing sanctuary Eagle Vortex.

I will be offering everyone an opportunity to have a hape (tobacco), sananga (warrior eye drops), kambo or all three together ceremony in my temple or at Nick Eagle's Peak, as well as preparation and opportunities to work with other plants and teachers from this earth. Some may require counseling sessions. All the plants and teachers I work with are legal and protected even more since I became ordained.

Some churches and other ignorant organizations that want you broken and weak will attempt to convince you plants, psychedelics, meditation, sitting with your thoughts, AKA, solving problems, mastering yourself and in turn becoming stronger and more peaceful, is evil, and I'm not going to give this foolishness anymore energy.


The truth is, I have more than enough on my plate and I am doing this because of its importance and because I see so many others fail. They are a major key to our evolution and enlightenment. I do not want your experience to be ruined by darkness. Anyone who tells you it should be hard or anyone who goes on social media crying and blaming the plants after is not properly guided. Cries during ceremonies can happen and we will discuss these emotions after, but darkness is never welcomed during them. If you think life is unfair and "God" hates you, you are not ready. There is much more for you to learn. You must have trust in your shaman, fear must be left behind and there must be a very high level of gratitude and appreciation for what happens when you take them. It should be approached as a very sacred and special ceremony.

These teachers take you to "God." They are a tool to help activate your brain and connect you to ancient knowledge and advanced states of healing that help you ascend and enlighten. If you choose fear and refuse to face "God," you will not benefit from taking them. You must be ready and you must be deserving. You must have the intention of entering advanced states for healing and to find answers. You must be ready to repent and take responsibility for your life and what you create. You may fool most of our brothers and sisters, who, in many cases, pretend right along with you, but you will not fool "God."

Leaving behind suffering and a world of lies and pretending you are anything but all powerful and all capable is awakening. Myself, Sedona's energy and these tools can most definitely help you do so. I know what I am doing. I would never do this if I was not ready. There are no better hands and I promise I will never let you down...if you are ready. I wish I had a proper shaman when I first discovered psychedelics and these other plants. Eagle Vortex should be opening this fall. Much more to come.


Rev. Dr. Nick Eagle


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