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Mastering Confidence Is The BEGINNING Of The Spiritual Journey

I began writing my Master's thesis of the importance of confidence in the spiritual journey and it allowed me to realize that it is everything to begin it. Little did I know, when I began this mastering confidence journey, and even writing my book on it, that this is where it would take me. After you learn what we are and what we are capable of, this is where you end up. This is where we will all end up. If you're not connected to and if you have not found your "soul," you are not a "spiritual" being and you will not know how to develop a spiritual practice. And most of us live in fear and distraction, do not seek personal growth and never have a chance to be in touch with our soul. The day you step out of the darkness and see everything as not scary, but an opportunity to learn and grow, guess what happens? The best meditation for spiritual growth is to be honest about what you are and open to new beginnings.

After an interview with Hustler Magazine, the magazine labeled me as "Confidence Man." It was the first time I really stepped into my power and owned what I was and what I was capable of. Most of my life was spent hiding, shaking and pretending I wasn't deciding to be such a weak and incapable human. For much of my life, I pretended that I was broken and had to fake confidence to look confident. I knew the importance of it. I knew it was something we all had to discover to get anywhere. And I knew faking it never did anything. It is beyond foolish to even suggest you cannot be confident, if you never have been.

I always knew that I had to face my fears to get past them and experience personal growth and start a transformation journey. I would see other confident people and I KNEW DEEP DOWN that I could be like that; I just had to figure out how. I knew I had to put better things in me and make better decisions to give myself the best chance. I knew I had to go for it and take advantage of opportunities. I KNEW I HAD TO PUT IN MORE EFFORT. I remember many times just staring at a girl I wanted to talk to and never doing it. And now to this day, I immediately approach and start a conversation with every person I see who looks interesting. I now know how to improve spiritually and it isn't by staying home and pretending to hate everyone, as you hide from us.

I just remembered I was a "pick up coach" for a few years too. I spoke at the "World Pick Up Artist Summit." I was one of the few who taught young men to master their confidence, instead of trying to trick girls. My early years were spent doing that and I never once tricked a worthy one. I shed much light and insight onto the community and moved on.

A big part of being confident is what you "bring to the table." You must master truth, AKA, being genuine. You must vibrate high and be witty, charming and funny. You must have a story. You must have stuff to talk about. You must have passions. You must learn instruments and have songs to offer. You must have teachings. You must pull it all together and never stop until you do. This is how to improve spiritually, seek betterment and have purpose. Start meditation for spiritual growth with these words. You must be open to improvement and you must KNOW DEEP DOWN that you can improve. It's time to put in effort and leave the pretending that you are not capable behind. Get out of your own way and move forward.

My counseling sessions started as confidence coaching and they have grown to be so much more, but the root of all of them is mastering of confidence. This is the start of your major transformation journey. This is how you develop a spiritual practice. You will never know or meet your true self if you do not. You will never experience personal growth, evolve, ascend and you do not have ANY business of even considering to parent a child if you have not. And you will most definitely will not ever have a major kundalini awakening or activation.

When all of this just started happening with me, I had my first major awakening. I spent the day repenting and crying tears of understanding and joy. That day I decided to have more gratitude and appreciation for life, operate at my full potential and never look back. I started to seek truth, put fear behind and I went from the least confident person I ever heard of to the most confident person I have ever heard of. I hate that so many people do not think being confident is a possibility and so many give up on it. It is lies taught by darkness. The importance of confidence is extremely underestimated and not as challenging to obtain as most believe. I am confidence. I am truth. I am the way. Take my hand, I will help you start your spiritual journey. Satnam.

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