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Nick Hawk Is No More - I Will Now Be Known As Rev. Dr. Nick Eagle

Not only did I become a Reverend, Reiki Master and complete my Doctorate of Philosophy PhD with Metaphysical & Spiritual Counseling focus this last year, after another powerful kundalini spiritual awakening, I felt my name and healing sanctuary needed another upgrade. The spirit of the hawk will always be with me and my old logo will be honored at Eagle Vortex, but it is bowing out respectfully to the eagle. Nick Hawk has been upgraded and there is nothing to miss, if you are upgrading as well. Let me help you.

Even with my new diploma, I have decided to keep my one hour spiritual counseling, AKA, spiritual therapy, sessions at only $100. Unlike most therapists who feed your darkness and need you weak and broken to make more money off of you, my sessions heal, charge and make you powerful, so many are typically not needed. Through the search of truth and kundalini energy activation, we will connect charge and heal. Only the highest form of respect, gratitude and appreciation will be demanded for my time and energy, as one of your first lessons will be to do the same with those in your life. Each spiritual therapy session will begin with some light kundalini yoga and a reading.

I am doing a huge website SEO push and I'll be releasing blog posts often. "Mastering Confidence is the Beginning of the Spiritual Journey" and "Why You Shouldn't Fear Kundalini Activation" are coming soon. Make sure you don't unsubscribe so you get updates on them and Eagle Vortex. I can't wait to invite you here. Huge announcement and opportunities coming soon!

I am now also offering "Kundalini Energy Activation" sessions for my more advanced clients and students who are ready for a bigger push. Here we will explore more advanced kundalini yoga, kriyas and techniques to enter advanced states of healing and answers, through more powerful movements, breathwork and intense channeling. If you seek powerful kundalini spiritual awakenings and kundalini energy activation, there may not be a better teacher. I've yet to hear of another one who was shown this through meditation. "God," AKA, Source, has properly trained me to activate and heal. Darkness is no longer welcome here and we will eliminate all unnecessary suffering. Goodbye, Nick Hawk, it has been quite a run. Hello, Rev. Dr. Nick Eagle. Satnam.


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