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  • Suzanne Ross

Nick Hawk Will Be Speaking At The Sedona Ascension Retreat March 18-21

I was planning on announcing that I was speaking at the UFO Mega Conference and they canceled, but Sedona Ascension Retreat scooped me up to speak the same weekend.


Nick Hawk - the kundalini master sorcerer guru will be speaking about his unique ET encounters, how to prepare for them by operating at your full potential and the importance of making contact. You must be deserving of light. You must practices specific techniques that allow you to listen. Nick went from greatly suffering and struggling to never having a bad day and he knows that this is something that we are all quite capable of.

Through his kundalini awakenings and jungle ceremonies, Nick has traveled to many dimensions, encountered spirit animals and he has sat with ascended masters only to be welcomed. He knows what we all are. He knows what we are all capable of. He isn't afraid to shatter your world and tell you. He knows most people's struggles are self-inflicted because of poor teachings and fear. He values truth above all, sees through all lies and teaches that only through an open and honest heart will you ascend. Nick will bring light into your being and fire to your eyes, if only you dare to join him as you dig deep into your soul on a quest for truth.


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