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Understanding the Power of Meditation

The power of meditation is underestimated by all who do not meditate. And I'm not talking about sitting quietly while continuing to be distracted. I remember the world of confusion and weakness I once lived when meditation was not a part of my life. You can be told things, even truth, many times, but until you discover it on your own, they are meaningless words. There is no better way to obtain answers, much peace and power.

power of meditation

What are the Benefits of Meditation?

The power of meditation has endless benefits that few people of this world believe, yet witness. To function at our highest levels and bring the most love and light to this world, we need to live in a constant state of meditation. This was the conclusion I came to when I wrote my last book on operating at your full potential.

Most people are doing the opposite of being in a constant state of meditation. They are in a constant state of distraction and panic, driven by fear and poisoned by fake food and drugs. They are plugged in and only seek status and survival, as opposed to truth and power. Meditative power is true power. It is where you learn what you are, embrace it and give us all much needed realness and truth. Fools seek phony compliments and to be "cool." "Cool" people couldn't be more lost or more plugged in. I rose to the top of being "cool" and there was NOTHING there but other lost people looking for answers, and if you do not have any, you are providing the world with darkness and suffering. I had no rear power until I found meditative power.

Why is Meditation so Powerful?

Few meditate. Few know what happens when you meditate. Few know meditating benefits. If you understood, you would spend MOST OF YOUR TIME DOING IT. Few ever break in, or I should say out. You must come face-to-face with yourself, "God," and be honest about what darkness you bring to the world. This is repentance. You must own the creation of your being, before you are able to really "meditate." Sitting with your thoughts, lying and making excuses for your less-than-godly actions, is not meditation.

Advanced states of meditation are only rewarded to those who seek truth and become one with the gods, through high vibrations and connection. Most of this world will not believe this, but I no longer tell you about my beliefs. I no longer have "beliefs." I don't need them. They do not serve us. I tell you what I know and about my experiences. I wouldn't listen to somebody who has not experienced this. My social media posts and these blogs are warmups. Just wait until my book...


Meditation Facts:

It will help calm you, slow down your heart rate, help you focus on your body, alignment, breath and improve your life in every way. You will live much, much longer. You will build your awareness and start making greater calculations and better decisions. People will like you more and you will like people less.

The best meditation facts that I don't know another who teaches:

You will learn what you are. If you choose truth, you will become confident and gain much power. The power will not come without seeking truth, and you will never be your best self, merge with/tune into "God" and enter advanced states of healing where all answers can be obtained if you do not put truth above all. Satnam.


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