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Why Spiritual Counseling Is Much More Important Than Psychology Therapy

Satnam, truth seekers. Should I begin with telling you that Modern Psychology is the darkest art? Psychology works hand-in-hand with Big Pharma and is designed to keep you weak and disconnected to profit. No, not every "Psychologist" feeds darkness, but MOST OF THEM DO. Most of them have you create emotions to keep you in low vibrational states of fear. Understanding emotions and understanding emotional healing on a deeper level is not what they attempt to do. They pretend that past events traumatize you, when in fact, it is you deciding to be traumatized by them. Few teach you your power. Few teach you that you need to take personal responsibility, because they know they might lose you in doing so. Most of them have nothing else to work with, and to keep you coming and paying, they need you broken. It is your personal responsibility to see through this and seek better ways.

Psychology does not seek truth. They seek ways to keep you broken. The DSM-5 manual has 300 mental disorders and many added recently. "Mental illness" is at an all-time high and they pretend you are broken and have a "chemical imbalance" which has never been proved and cannot be. Their "magic pills" have the same effect as placebos. This should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know. It is YOU creating the darkness; it is YOU doing the "healing."

If you had any understanding of what we are, you would know that we are born with the same brains, equal with equal opportunities. Too many look for effortless attention and the easy way out. People want to put on band-aids, instead of finding the root of the problem. The problem is your choices and decisions. The problem is lack of nourishment, sleep and nature. We need to teach people the importance of silence, meditation practice and personal responsibility. What percentage of your life is spent inside being destroyed by EMF and artificial lights? When is the last time your feet touched the bare ground? When is the last time you felt well rested? If you want to begin a true inner healing journey and not just seek blame, excuses for the world you create, the spiritual path will call.

Spiritual counseling importance, AKA, metaphysical counseling works on levels modern Psychology never will. It teaches you what you really are and what you are capable of. It teaches you to leave behind fear and take personal responsibility for your world and life. It teaches you meditation and breathing techniques to free the mind and think more efficiently. It teaches the importance of slowing down and sitting in silence, where all of the answers and the truth about you are found. Understanding emotional healing and where emotions really come from begins here. They do not fly around and hit people so they feel them, people decide to create them and feel them in doing so.

Those who seek to develop their confidence, take charge of their life and are ready to develop their superpowers understand spiritual counseling importance and how destructive modern psychology is. Attempt to begin to understand the importance of silence and meditation practice and seek metaphysical counseling. Leave behind the darkness and people who do not teach you our power. Begin your inner healing journey by repenting and moving forward, while leaving the past behind. Now, is the only time that matters. And right now you can decide to be all-powerful and capable or broken and damaged, no matter what has happened in the past.

Wake up, I still love you

Rev. Dr. Nick Eagle


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