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Kundalini activation is a spiritual awakening. Only darkness, AKA, ignorance, would ever attempt to teach kundalini energy activation is something to fear. You couldn't have a lesser understanding of it. If one would ever suggest such a foolish thing, they might have had a taste, but they are still living in fear and have failed to become pure and have chakra alignment to flow freely and experience true activation. The few who have had such spiritual growth, would never never attempt to scare you from gaining this power. Darkness only fears that you will become more powerful than it. I hope people become more powerful than I. We need it.

Darkness will also teach you that you must have a "dark night of the soul" or you could go "crazy." If you haven't had a kundalini awakening or have mastered kundalini energy, you are living the "dark night of the soul" right now. It is a state of living in fear, while denying your true self. It is losing touch with "God," opposed to the opposite - merging with it and having an inner transformation. And there is no "crazy." Our brothers and sisters who get such a title are our most lost and confused. The more intelligent you become, the less "crazy" you are and the more loving and fearless you become.

In the kundalini energy activation process, you connect with "God" and can no longer run and hide. You will be judged and you will have to make decisions - to put TRUTH above all, leave behind fear, take responsibility for your life and repent, or to continue to deny what you are, run away and live in fear. Most who get a taste of this connection and these advanced states panic and run away, but it does not "harm" them. They only continue to harm themselves by choosing fear and sedation. They choose to not have chakra alignment. Everything is choices. Everything is on you. This is why so many who work with psychedelics and ayahuasca, which are the best tools to help this release, have such a "hard" time with it. They decide that they are not ready to face us, AKA, "God" and repent. If anyone takes these magical substances and says it was "hard," never listen to another word they have to say about it; they were not ready and they were not properly prepared. Calling such an experience hard, while suggesting it was the medicine's fault, is disrespectful.

Most people of the church tell you to fear it as well, as they also tell you not to even meditate because "the devil comes" and there are not meditation benefits. If you believe figuring things out and making calculations of how to bring more love and light to this world is demonic, the church is a great place to conjure such dark energy, run away and hide from TRUTH and your power. If you gain this power, you no longer need the church. Do you get it yet? Do you think spiritual growth happens with such fear and not knowing? Do you really think there are no meditation benefits?

If you seek TRUTH above all, are ready to leave behind fear and seek enlightenment, it is time for kundalini activation. The day I finally had enough of lying to myself and the world, is the day I had my first activation and spiritual awakening. And instead of peaking through the door, not going through it and going back to my corner of fear and darkness(and telling others they should fear it as well), I ran through the door and never looked back. I highly recommend you seek to have this inner transformation and finally, leaving the fear behind. Satnam.


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