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Yogi’s and Shaman’s Universes: their similarity and difference

Very few of us will ever be a master shaman or yogi, but one day we will all be. To be anything, including either of these, like everything, it is a decision. It is a role to take, step into and run with. It is not predetermined, but those with guidance that has allowed them to seek answers from an early age are obviously more set up to step into this role. Becoming a shaman or yogi means stepping into the most advanced power we have inside of ourselves and studying and respecting the ancient techniques and practices so they can be properly utilized and taught. It is ultimate purpose. To ascend, we need more people learning what we are, what we are capable and stepping into this role.

Now when I say "decision" and "choice," I speak of an honest one. It is a responsibility, because when you decide to be this helper and healer, if you lack the knowledge needed, you do more harm than good. I see too many people who want to do good and help others, only feeding darkness and creating more suffering because they are not ready. This is what darkness is. Teaching before you have acquired the information and tools needed, usually to carry this false sense of pride or to make money, and in doing so, one is disrespecting the practices, taking advantage of people and lying.


A master yogi is a master of themselves and this world. They are practitioners of yoga and yoga means "union." It comes from a Sanskrit word meaning to join or unite. It is uniting with our higher selves, "God" and nature. And when you do this, you understand how all is one. Shiva is said to be the first yogi and the movement gained momentum in northern India. A yogi, not only aligns their body, but also puts the best possible things in their body to establish the greatest connection. They work with kundalini energy activation and release to enter into advanced states of healing and help others heal. They are the leaders of the community who hold the most information and the most answers.


A master shaman is a master of themselves and this world. Shaman is an Evenki word from Siberia meaning one who “sees” or “penetrates to the source.” In Shamanism you with "spirits," plants, drums, songs, psychedelics and altered states to find answers and enter advanced states of healing and help others heal. They are the leaders of the community who hold the most information and the most answers.


The one major difference between yogi practices and shamanism is obviously, the use of plants found in the jungle. Shamanism has incorporated more physical tools into their practices. The best shamans are quite musical as well. Master shamans talk to the "plants." They work with the plants and "spirits" of the area to create songs and provide people with the most effective means to heal, help illness and enter these advanced states. Yogi practices will have you do more stretching, and Shamanism will have you do more singing and dancing (if done right).


Both master shaman and yogis are true healers and both begin with healing themselves. They both seek enlightenment and they both travel to the upper worlds or astral planes. They both wish to expand their senses, grow their awareness and gain supernatural powers. They both must put truth above all and seek within to find "God." They both establish a great connection with "God" and nature. They have to leave all fear behind. You are no master yogi or shaman if you have not mastered yourself, confidence and left all fear behind. A fearful human is not ready to teach or help others eliminate suffering because they still do. They are one. They desire the highest purpose and their teachings are both desperately needed, especially in America.


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