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You Cannot Have Good Mental Health Without Spirituality

Let's be real: people who do not practice spirituality are not getting ahead. They are not warriors. They are not people we look up to. They are not people that we want to be around. They do not bring us much love and light. They live in distraction, fear and chase money. They lie. They poison and sedate themselves. They put on a big smile, but we all see through it. You cannot be in a low vibration and pass as being in a high one, no matter how big your smile is.

Spirituality and stress do not coexist. When you push yourself too far - overwork, overtrain, lose connection. Our highest priority, when wanting to bring the most love and light to the world, should be connecting. This is when we are at our best. This is when we are most creative. This is when we solve problems and get ahead. Most think that they can cheat, practice spirituality and stress themselves; it does not happen.

When you do not practice gratitude and appreciation, and you pretend "God" hates you and you're broken, because you lack understanding and guidance, you are not mentally healthy. One day, spirituality and "mental health" practices will just be what everyone does because we have learned the lessons and the importance of doing so. This grinding mentality is beyond foolish. It takes slowing down, taking deep breaths and spending time in silence with your thoughts to get ahead. When you do the same thing every day, while making the same decisions and doing more and more and more of it, you stay the same person and you stay in the same place.

The community I am building is a place for warriors to train to battle and call out darkness. We need to stop pretending that people with "mental health problems" are anything but lost and confused and they are not capable of doing better. The victim mentality, alcohol and the pills are not helping them. Either you don't want to "hurt their feelings," or you foolishly think they are broken, not capable and better off with the pills, or you have no idea what we are. Not speaking up enables them and feeds darkness.

I've seen through this nonsense for many years. Every major study indicates that synthetically made antidepressants have the same effect as the placebo effect. What more do you need to know?! When you decided you were depressed, had anxiety and lacked energy, "God" was telling you to make some changes and seek spiritual treatment; not sedate yourself and pretend that you were broken. How dare one pretend "God" makes mistakes. You weren't taking care of yourself. You were putting horrible things in you. You weren't going outside. You weren't doing the things you loved. You weren't sitting in silence with your thoughts, because the conclusion "I need pills" would not have come.


Good spiritual mental health happens when you are at peace and in control. You move closer to "God." You are mostly doing the opposite of what the average human is doing. The most ultimate existence is merging with this frequency and becoming one with "God." You are not godly when you are a stressed zombie; you are the opposite.

We need to teach our lost brothers and sisters their power and we need to be confident in our teachings. If you are unsure for a second, they will pick it up and use that as an excuse to continue their destruction. Spiritual health and mental health are the same thing. You must show them how spiritual treatment has benefited you. I started doing the things to operate at the highest levels and this is where it took me. The plan wasn't to become "spiritual," it was a consequence. This is where we are all going. To be a teacher and a warrior, you must take immaculate care of yourself to gain the confidence and connection to know what we are. If you are unsure, you are at the right place. Let's get to work.


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