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It is only $100 for an hour session. Please pay here or send $100 to Venmo: @revdrnickeagle OR PayPal Friends & Family OR ZELLE so I don't have to pay fees.


After purchasing, please email my assistant to let her know so she can set it up.


I use Google Meet video chat and it will schedule it in your timezone but please email my assistant your requested times in Sedona time (GMT-7). Include your highest desired time and possible days, as well as some other options with longer windows.


These sessions require the highest form of respect for my time and energy. You are asked to not bring any chaos or distraction to our video chat or be intoxicated. Please be rested, connected and calm. Please wear white, sit in lotus(cross-legged/if you can) and have your computer or device on a stable structure, showing mid-stomach to six inches above your head. Please do not speak until invited to and have some questions prepared. Much love, power and light coming soon 🙏💫🦅

I will wait for 10 minutes past the start time. If you do not show up, it will end and you will not be refunded. No cancellations for a reschedule within 48 hours of our appointment.

Warrior Training

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