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For first time clients, I ask that you book a Guided Tour or Healing & Guidance Booking. I will always be open to Companion Bookings but they are for a chosen few who no longer need my guidance and communicate and connect with me at high levels.

Clients are responsible for all activities, parking, dining and if I'm driving for more than two hours, I ask for a tank of gas. Time starts when I leave my home for airport pickup or if you're staying in town, when I arrive. There is a $50 shuttle out of Phoenix but driving always makes good Hawk Talks.

After submitting the Booking Request Form, my assistant will run the dates by me and if I approve them she will block my calendar and send you the non-refundable deposit information. 25% is required to lock it in. After the deposit is received, it is in stone. I will work with rescheduling regular clients having emergencies, but plan on losing the deposit if you cancel. If canceled enough in advance, I may transfer it to a new date. All bookings, will receive a complimentary phone call, email or Hawk Talk Zoom to discuss booking details and my assistant will set that up with you as well. All other communication will be made through her.

I have never accepted money for any type of sexual favor nor will I ever. If it is asked for, communication will not continue and you will be blocked.


With a minimum of two days booked, I will travel to Las Vegas for no additional travel fee, besides a $200 cleaning fee, and we can stay at my resort home mansion with amazing views of all of Vegas from a raised hot tub. I also have a pool table, darts, miniature golf course and state of the art gym. I will give you the upper master bedroom and bath with soaking tub and I will sleep downstairs. Soon you will be able to stay at my healing sanctuary that I am currently building in Sedona, AZ.

I will only stay in four or five star hotels unless otherwise approved. I am willing to stay in my van, in most cases, if I'm driving to you. I will usually drive anywhere that is around five hours from Sedona, AZ.

I request first class or minimally extra legroom (
economy plus) on all flights, business class or economy plus for any overnight overseas flights and non-bulkhead window seats away from the bathroom.
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