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After submitting the Booking Request Form, my assistant will run the dates by me and if I approve them she will pencil them in and send you the deposit information. 20% is required to lock it in. After the deposit is received, it is in stone. I will work with rescheduling regular clients having emergencies, but plan on losing the deposit if you cancel. If canceled enough in advance, I may transfer it to a new date. All bookings will receive a complimentary phone call, email or video chat to discuss booking details and my assistant will set that up with you as well. All logistics will be made through her and I answer any other questions on Instagram @Revdrnickeagle


I request first class or minimally extra legroom (economy plus) on all flights, business class for any overnight overseas flights and non-bulkhead window seats away from the bathroom. If there isn't one available, I may take a coach window seat if the flying time is under three hours.

Soon you will be able to stay at my healing sanctuary

Eagle Vortex in Sedona.

I will only stay in four or five star hotels unless otherwise approved. I am willing to stay in my van, in most cases, if I'm driving to you.

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