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Rev. Dr. Nick Eagle's
I have put together the most specific set of instructions to give you the best chance to have awakenings and maybe one day become enlightened. It can happen to anyone at any moment. It is a calculation. It is a choice. It is a state of mind. It is putting truth above all. It is leaving all fear behind. It is taking immaculate care of yourself and operating at the highest levels, to give yourself the best chance of making the calculation. Take my hand. I will not let you down.

My book with the story of my awakenings, healings and a greater breakdown of, "The Golden Laws of Enlightenment," is coming soon and I will incorporate these laws into the steps. In the meantime, you have much to start with and meditate upon below:

#1. Never lie for any reason.

#2. You will only use the most profound and highly vibrational words.

#3. You will not teach before you are ready and certain.

#4 Every day, you will awaken with gratitude for what you have and practice affirmations. WATCH MY INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK STORIES OR X FOR EXAMPLES.

#5. You will stay properly balanced and never overextend yourself or enter states of exhaustion.

6. You will take responsibility for the emotions that you create.

7. All days will be spent with your thoughts, solving problems and quieting the mind through yoga and meditation.

8. You will keep your body aligned and flexible through stretching. CLICK HERE FOR STRETCHES (pictures and videos coming soon)

9. You will weight train every two to three days to strengthen your bones, joints ligaments, tendons, and condition every muscle. CLICK HERE FOR EXERCISES (pictures and videos coming soon)

10. You will refrain from losing valuable fluid in sexual acts, unless it calls to enter advanced states and heal the planet. And this will be a rare occurrence.

11. You will continue to educate yourself, but you will find the truth within. Read or listen to a book at least once a month. CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF MY RECOMMENDATIONS

12. You will write every day. Any form that expresses and forms your thoughts and allows you to find answers.

13. You will often practice playing instruments and singing.

14. You will treat sleeping as a very sacred act of healing. You will sleep alone and not allow anything to disturb you for any reason. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

15. A large percentage of your life will be spent outdoors, grounding and walking barefoot in nature, getting appropriate amounts of sun, sun gazing, breathing fresh air and hugging trees.

16. You will only drink the highest structured and purest water with bioavailable minerals and electrolytes. CLICK HERE

17. You will only eat the best foods for your unique microbiome inside. CLICK HERE

18. You will know where all of your food comes from and learn how to farm and grow your own.

19. You will properly prepare your food. CLICK HERE

20. You will never eat any form of poison or allow any form of poison to touch your skin or be inhaled.

21. You will bless and be thankful for all of the food you eat, eat with your hands and sit in the welcoming lotus position.
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