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These sessions are for my advanced students & need approval. Please first book some warrior training. I will determine when you are ready.

With this kundalini energy activation process, we will explore advanced kundalini yoga, ancient kriyas, Qigong, slapping, deep breathing techniques, chanting and meditations, to have kundalini awakenings. I'm one of the few true yogis who have been rewarded with being "shown" all of these techniques by putting truth above all and leaving fear behind. They must only be presented with a high level of sacred respect for those deserving.



I knew nothing of kundalini yoga meditation or activation, holotropic breathing or ancient kriyas that cleanse the body, mind and take you to altered states of healing and understanding, until one of the most beautiful days of my life. I was guided by a force greater than myself how to position my body, breathe and much more. Through purification of my body and mind, I have had many kundalini spiritual awakenings, where I have entered the most advanced states of Samadhi, God-Consciousness and I have became a master of this world.


I have been showed Reiki healing and more during meditations. It takes kundalini energy activation to do so. Now, I wish to teach as many people as possible. If ready and deserving, I will fill you with love, light, help restructure your DNA and unplug you from a world of lies that needs you weak and broken to feed.

Only darkness teaches that this kundalini activation process is anything but safe. Living your life in fear without accessing this kundalini energy, is the best way to be not safe.

Right after having my first Kundalini Awakening

What is kundalini energy?


Kundalini energy is energy coiled at the base of the spine. This is why the representation of a snake or cobra is used to depict it. It is very powerful untapped potential energy that anyone can tap into with the right guidance.



Is kundalini awakening safe?


If you fight it, it may become uncomfortable but you will not lose your mind more than it is already lost. It doesn't make you more fearful than you already are. Having a safe kundalini awakening is the only way you can have one. You will face TRUTH. If you are not ready to own what you are, you may decide to be upset and continue to live in fear and suffering of the mind. Choosing fear is what's "dangerous." There is no "crazy," only lost and confused. Experiences and connection does not make you more lost and confused. Only the most lost and confused, who wish to keep power over you, would ever suggest that connecting, healing and awakening your your untapped potential isn't "safe." I hate that a person would ever have to ask, "is kundalini awakening safe?"



What are kundalini awakening signs and symptoms?


The first kundalini awakening symptoms are beginning to question everything. You will start to wonder why you do everything you do. Why you would ever dare put poison in you. Why you have certain people in your life. You will lose interest in material possessions, 9-5 passionless jobs and cities. Signs of kundalini symptoms are disappearing from the "scene," you no longer seek distractions through having as many friends as possible, and you no longer worry about being "cool." You will question everything. You will finally begin the road to wisdom. You will suffer less every second. You will have more appreciation of nature, the sun, organic food and pure water. You will seek betterment, purpose and isolation. You will spend much time in silence and mediation. Things will start making sense. Kundalini symptoms are peace and power.



How does spirituality help to awaken kundalini energy?


You must begin the spiritual journey to have a chance of awakening this energy and power. You must not fear to look within. You must be confident in your being. You must properly prepare to expand beyond the limitations that you placed upon yourself. You must forget much of what you know, taught by the systems in place set up to profit and keep you dull, distracted and not asking questions. Spiritual kundalini awakenings are rewards for doing these things. Begin to understand what you are.



How long does it take to activate kundalini energy?


It will activate when you decide that you are ready for it to. When fear is left behind. When you take responsibility for your being. When you are ready to truly repent. When you decide to be pure. A proper yogi, shaman or guide can speed up the process.



Is a kundalini awakening necessary for enlightenment?


It is the beginning of enlightenment.



Does kundalini energy activation improve your health?


Yes, in every way shape and form. Even if you fail in having a large activation, you will most definitely benefit from the exercises and experience, no matter what. They cleanse and purify the body and mind, as well open and align your chakras.



Is kundalini awakening permanent?


We are all powerful and capable beings who have once already forgotten what we are to be unawakened, so it is possible. But few in this human form will ever have a kundalini awakening and decide to forget it to go back to how they once suffered. But if you do obtain enlightenment, it is time to ascend this reality and go to the mountains or "come back to Earth," to help others achieve what you have.



What happens in one of your kundalini energy activation session?


We hope for the best but there are no guarantees. Ultimately, it is your decision what happens. Minimally you will be filled with love and light from me and the exercises will unblock your chakras, allow energy to move more freely, align and detox your body. The hope is to connect to source where we obtain answers and enter advanced states of ancient knowledge and healing. You must decide to leave fear behind, put truth above all and become your true form to do so.


What exercises will we do during the session?


The session will always begin with some basic kundalini yoga and breathwork. I will read you to see what your body is calling for and determine what is most appropriate. We may do intense "Nick Eagle Breathing (similar to holotropic)" or an intense summoning or powwow or we may just have a conversation. I am a master of reading people and what they are ready for.


What is an intense awakening with kundalini energy?


I've yet to hear of another being experience what I did. My kundalini awakening probably couldn't have been more "intense." One couldn't breath or shake in a more intese manner. I was ready. It worked. I trusted what I was connecting to. I trusted the process and I just went with it. "God" will not "call" upon you until you are ready. It is a reward. Keep seeking. The ego takes you to "God." Desire takes you to "God." Wanting something better, wanting to suffer less and wanting to bring as much love and light to this world takes you to "God." Through kundalini energy release, we tap into "God's" frequency; It is not weak or mild.

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